My wife, Anna, and I started NoGradTax.org because we think that grad school is important and that cheaper education is better for America. We want to spread the word that this waiver repeal exists and is dangerous for students and institutions alike.

I'm not a political activist by trade; I'm a photographer and I work full time at a food bank and church in Golden, Colorado. We moved to Colorado because, as an undergrad, my wife worked hard to be accepted into a funded graduate program studying hydrology at Colorado School of Mines. She currently studies land-atmosphere interactions at a DOE funded site in Crested Butte, Colorado.

This tax bill would massively increase our tax burden, and would make it more difficult for us and our peers across the country to afford to attend grad school.

We firmly believe that education in America should be more accessible to the most number of people, especially those who come from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds. This bill makes our educational system weaker, more expensive, and less accessible to a diverse constituency.

Until we defeat this waiver repeal, I am spending my nights, lunch breaks, and weekends fighting to provide information and resources to students and educators across the country. Make a call, share the site. Together we can protect our graduate system.

-Josh Ryken, NoGradTax.org co-founder